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AMP Community Arts Program is a 501c3 nonprofit youth development through the arts program.  Our mission is to help at-risk, inner-city youth develop the self-discipline, self-confidence and self-esteem necessary to lead positive and productive lives.  The purpose of this proposal is to illustrate the need for a program to help replace risk factors with protective factors that enhance youth development while fostering interpersonal communication and critical thinking skills that help to ensure future success for tour youth. Through this program, youth are given the chance to envision future opportunities and are provided with experiences, training, and skills to turn these opportunities into reality.


The future of arts-based delinquency prevention and intervention programs are promising. Through continued investment in rigorous long-term evaluations, the strengths of AMP Community Arts Program and other arts-based programs can be identified, weaknesses can be corrected, services can be adjusted to meet the growing needs of youth and communities, and effective models can be replicated across the Nation.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States

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ampcap.org is an educational service provider located in Chicago, Illinois. We provide tailored one-on-one tutoring and workshops to help individuals reach their highest potential. Our team of experienced educators employ a unique approach to learning that encourages intellectual development. Our goal is to help our clients reach their highest levels of achievement.